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Perfect Low-Maintenance Apartment Plants

With Spring around the corner, warmer weather on it’s way, and these beautiful sunshiny days we’ve been having – We can’t help but think of ways to give the winter blues and nasty flu season a swift kick in the behind. What’s an easy and natural way to do this? Houseplants! Bringing plants into the home is a great way to give your apartment a sense of rejuvenation and life that it may have been lacking after these cold winter months.

It can sometimes be forgotten or overlooked just how healthy houseplants actually are for you. By producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, they are eliminating the harmful toxins in your home and giving you more of the very thing you need to live: Breath. Research shows that indoor plants can actually eliminate up to 87% of air toxins within as little as 24 hours. That is impressive! Other studies have found that having plants around can boost your concentration and productivity, better your mood and reduce stress. And now that we know how beneficial plants can be, we have created a list of (almost) maintenance-free and aesthetically pleasing ones for you to choose from. (Be sure to click on the links if you are interested in learning more about care for each plant.)

  1. Pothos – This plant starts out as a small cluster of leaves but then turn into ridiculously long, gorgeous ivy. They are easy to care for and actually difficult to kill.
  2. English Ivy – Similar to Pothos but smarter, this ivy can be trained to climb in certain directions and grows rather quickly.
  3. Aloe Vera – Often confused for a cactus, Aloe Vera is actually in the succulent family. These plants are very aesthetically pleasing and can provide fast relief to burns, cuts, rashes and sunburns.
  4. Staghorn Ferns – These plants are great if you don’t have a lot of surface area on your counters or floors for plants. They can be mounted like antlers and look gorgeous hanging from the wall.
  5. Jade Plants – These cheery little succulents are so easy to care for and need very little water, making them perfect for those of us who forget to water our plants on a consistent basis.
  6. Boston Ferns – If you’re looking for that boho vibe, this is the plant for you. The Boston Fern is one of the easiest ferns to care for and will provide that leafy greenery you are searching for.
  7. Spider Plant – This is the one you always see hanging from that 70’s macrame. Not a fan of that style? Don’t worry, they look excellent potted too.
  8. Succulents – These popular little babies will add a pop of flare to any room. Needing only to be misted every 10-14 days with water, you’ll surely be able to keep these ones alive.

Bringing new, fresh plants into the home is a great way to refresh your home and your mind. Fill your apartment with the plants mentioned above and you’ll feel like you have a green thumb in no time!