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Benefits of Renting a Furnished Apartment

If you’re like most people, renting a furnished apartment usually brings one thought to mind: higher rent. And from there, you probably dismiss the idea of a furnished unit altogether. But that would be quite the mistake. There are actually a handful of reasons why renting a furnished apartment is more beneficial than an unfurnished one. If you’re on the fence about which route you’ll go when signing your next lease, read below to find out what the advantages of a furnished unit are.

Furnished 1.jpg
  1. Mobility. Did you know that when choosing a furnished unit, your lease options dramatically increase? At Graystone Heights, you can create a lease anywhere from 2-24 months. So if you are only in town for 2 months, want to try out the area before committing to a longer lease, or just bought a house and simply renting until your home is ‘move-in’ ready – a furnished unit lease might be perfect for you. You don’t have to worry about getting locked down into something you may no longer need 5 months from now.
  2. Ease. And usually, if you’re looking for mobility, you are also looking for ease. Renting a furnished unit takes all of the hardships out of back-to-back moving. There is no need to lug all of that heavy furniture, bedding, curtains and dishware around with you. A furnished unit provides all of these things, leaving you to only worry about clothes, trinkets and devices. A furnished unit takes ALL of the headache out of moving.
  3. Cost-effective. It may not be obvious at first, but when you think about it – renting furnished is actually very cost-effective. You may save in rent when it comes to an UNfurnished unit, but you will over-spend on trying to fill that apartment with beds, couches, end tables, decor, kitchen appliances etc (not to mention the cost of hiring movers). Usually these expenses are unaccounted for and add up quite fast. On the flip side, renting furnished means you can see all of your expenses up front and don’t have to spend all that money on decorating. Renting furnished actually makes it easier to budget.
  4. Upkeep. Graystone Heights has a stake in all of the furniture, appliances etc. in your new furnished unit. So, if your TV stops working or the back of your couch falls off, Graystone Heights will assist in replacing the items (unless of course, the TV stopped working because you chucked a basketball at it.. Or something crazy like that!). This means that your home will always be in good working order without much effort (or cost) from you.
  5. Decor. Some people love planning out their home decor and spending hours rearranging to get that feng-shui just right. Doesn’t sound like you? Than a furnished apartment is absolutely right for you. The place comes decorated! All of our apartments are very aesthetically pleasing and will feel like home to you in no time. And if you are that person who loves decorating – there are ways to do so in a unit that’s already furnished. Buy some plants, add in your own bedding, rearrange the furniture.. The place will feel like ‘you’ in no time. And the best part – all of the big pieces are already there for you, so there’s no sweat or headache.
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If you’re considering renting a furnished unit but you’re on the fence.. Just go for it! Why not? The benefits are there and the amount of moving stress you’ll save yourself is reason enough. Your future self will thank you! And so will your wallet.