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4 Things that will make or break your dream apartment search

When you’re searching for your dream apartment, it can be both exciting and frustrating. Cut the frustration and enjoy the search by following these simple steps! You’ll be living on cloud nine in no time! 

1. Determine which features/amenities are most important to you.
Before beginning your search, write a list of the top items that you’re looking for in your new home. Consider what will give you the most satisfaction and improve your daily life! This list will help you weed out apartment complexes that don’t live up to your standards. 

2. Consider which utilities you’re responsible for when comparing prices.
You’ll want to make sure to ask which utilities are included in the rent and which ones you’ll be responsible for paying each month. Utility costs add up quickly especially during the scorching hot summer and the bitter cold of winter. An apartment may look like a good deal until all of the extra utility costs start piling on. Consider an apartment where all utilities are included! 

3. Move quickly once you find your ideal place! When you find an apartment that fits all of your needs, move quickly. Many people in your area could be looking for the same things as you. Don’t let your perfect apartment slip through your fingertips! The first step is to submit a rental application. Apartment managers are always happy to assist if you have questions during this process!

4. If you’re stuck, ask more questions! 
Finally, you’ve narrowed it down to your top few choices, now what? If all seems equal or similar, ask the apartment complex what sets them apart from other communities. Do they have a guest suite for your visitors to stay in? Do they have storage units to give you extra elbow room? Do they have 24 hour maintenance? Do they have community events to help you connect with your neighbors? These little things will make a big difference in your life.

Follow these simple steps and your apartment hunt will be a breeze. You’ll be experiencing the height of living in no time! 
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