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5 Tips To Brighten Up Your Living Space

Do you ever notice that when you are in a room with great natural lighting, your mood is immediately elevated? Even if only in the slightest amount? It’s because Vitamin D, in any amount, is enough to lift your physical and psychological well-being. In other words, the sun makes people happy!!

Many of us have at least one space in our home that is lacking natural light – be it a shaded area in a hallway or a dark corner far from any window. If that sounds like you, you are sure to benefit from the tips and tricks on natural lighting below. And even if your homes is already full of that bright and natural light, incorporating some of the ideas below will only make your home more welcoming, warm and cozy. Who doesn’t want that?

TIp # 1: When deciding which route to go with window treatments… Lighter is best. Choose curtains that are light in color and that allow natural light to shine through. Sheer curtains are always a great option. There’s no point in blocking out the natural lighting that you do have. If it’s privacy you’re worried about – layer your light or sheer curtains with a solid white underneath. So when you do want the extra privacy, it there as an option. Added bonus: Waking up with the sun as it shines through your windows is a great way to eliminate morning grogginess.

TIp # 2: Don’t underestimate the power of a large, oversized mirror. Mirrors reflect light and if you place them strategically throughout your home, you can actually double the amount of natural light that shines through. This could ultimately cut down on your electricity usage as well, with less need for lamps and artificial lighting. This is a great hack, plus – you might catch a few more glimpses of your cute self throughout the day. 🙂

Tip # 3: Keep your windows clean. This is an obvious one but can be easily overlooked. The dust and dirt that naturally accumulates on windows, prevents sunlight from shining in. So make sure you have plenty of Windex on hand and keep those windows clean!

Tip # 4: Keep the color scheme of your home as light as possible. This goes back to the saying, “lighter is better”, and it truly is. Light reflects light. So if you can keep the color scheme light, it will make your home feel brighter. If you want to mix in other colors to your color scheme, consider rich bodied neutral colors such as espresso brown, camel tan or warm rust.These colors compliment white very well and if done right, can help accent the natural light of the room.

Tip # 5: Lamps, lamps, lamps. Sorry, another obvious one. But if you combine this tip with all of the ones above, there is no room that can’t be lightened. Strategically placed lamps will assist in brightening any space in your home. Place them near your mirrors, behind couches, or with their light shining up towards the ceiling – get creative with them. If you place them correctly, you can use their artificial light to enhance your natural light.

The lighting in a room can truly make or break a space and is oftentimes an overlooked part of getting the feng-shui just right in your home. The goal is to make each room inviting and comfortable. When you walk into a room, notice how you immediately feel. Is there something you can do to better that feeling or lighten the mood?