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7 Apartment Hunting Tips for Renters

We’ve probably all been there at least once in our lives – Searching for that perfect apartment to call home. The task can be daunting! There are so many things to consider when looking for a new place, that it’s easy to miss a step and wind up in an apartment that has you asking about lease break rules a month after you’ve signed your lease. That is one major headache (and a HUGE financial setback) that can be avoided.

Whether you’re thinking about renewing your lease, downsizing from a home to an apartment or moving to a new city completely, there is legwork to be done to ensure you make the right decision.  Where you’ll sign your next lease is an extremely important decision – the place will be your home for the next foreseeable future. Take the steps below to make sure you make the right decision for you and your loved ones.

  1. Give yourself plenty of time. Apartment hunting takes time. Give yourself at least a few months to think about what you really want and to take the necessary steps to get there. There are so many things to consider, places to tour and questions to be asked and the last thing you want to feel is rushed. Lack of time can be the lead cause as to why you sign the wrong lease.
  2. Pick your part of town. Narrow your search down to the part of town that best suits your needs. Things to consider: safety, your commute time to work, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes etc. Another big thing to consider is what the future looks like for that part of town. Is it being taken care of and growing in the direction that you’d like it to? A positive thing to note about Graystone Heights, is that it is located in the heart of a growing part of town, with new shops and restaurants popping up all of the time.
  3. Make a list of your top 3 necessities. This can be a washer and dryer combo, underground parking, pet-friendly apartments, or awesome community events that bring you closer to your neighbors (Graystone has them all!). Whatever they may be – This list will help you to know which property is right for you.
  4. Create a comparison checklist. Once you have your list of necessities, keep track of which apartments have them and which don’t. When you begin touring places, they can sometimes run together and you forget which was which. This list will help you eliminate the ones that don’t fit your criteria.
  5. Ask about hidden costs and fees. This part can get ya if you don’t ask the right questions. Questions to consider:
    1. What are the pet fees?
    2. What is the cost of underground parking?
    3. What are the utility fees?

      A thing to remember about utility fees is that they will fluctuate on a month to month basis, with some months being higher than the last. Graystone Heights eliminates this problem by making all UTILITIES FREE. This makes monthly budgeting SO much easier, since there is no guessing when it comes to what your bills will be.

  6. Take note of the leasing office team. This is an important step. The leasing office team will act as your landlords and you will likely interact with them most days of the week. Are they approachable and friendly? Were they responsive, open and honest during your time with them? This team can make or break your living experience so be sure you find one that is a good fit for you.
  7. Be prepared to fill out an application. Once you’ve made the decision on which apartment will make you happiest, it’s best to get that application filled out. Apartments tend to go fast, especially in a growing or thriving neighborhood. Be sure to have a deposit and application info (such as past employers and rental history) on hand, as well as information for the property to run a credit check.

If you do your due diligence, you won’t just find yourself in a new apartment, you will find yourself in a home. It definitely takes work, time and effort to find the perfect place but it is well worth it. If you follow the steps above, you will just KNOW when you’ve walked into your next home and you will be so happy with your decision. It’s like true love – ‘when ya know, you know’.