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How To Add in Pops of Color Throughout Your Home

Sioux Falls Apartments

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring!” – Lilly Pulitzer

Spring has ARRIVED and with that comes bright spring colors! A common misconception that comes with living in a rented apartment, is that you can’t add fun pops of color to your home without saying goodbye to that security deposit — But that is 100% not true! There are tons of ways to add happy pops of color to your home, and a lot of them are MUCH easier than painting your walls. Who wants to do that anyways?? It’s time consuming, difficult and just plain hard work. Read below for great ways to make your home more colorful and lively.

  • Hang a group of painted objects near each other on a wall. Create a statement wall by hanging colored plates, frames or shelves near each other on a wall. Choose a color that accents your home. If you’re decorating seasonally, think vibrant hues for spring and summertime or you can opt for lighter pastels (maybe pinks or greens?) if that’s your thing. Shop at your nearest thrift store or goodwill and you’re sure to find some great and inexpensive pieces that you can paint and spruce up.
  • Change out your throw pillows and blankets. It’s fun to have a seasonal rotation of throw pillows and blankets in our home and come spring season, be sure to whip out those warmer colors and lighter blankets. If you have neutral toned furniture, the pillows and blankets will add a pop of color and also accent your base of furniture nicely.
  • Use renter friendly wall coverings. This is one that I oftentimes forget is an option, but it’s a great one. There are tons of options when it comes to removable wallpapers and decals, all you have to do is pick your color or pattern. Wallpaper does tend to get expensive, so maybe just choose one focal wall in each room to cover.
  • Have you ever heard of washi tape? It’s a type of decorative colored adhesive tape, perfect for lining shelves in your kitchen or shelves in a bookcase and adding in pops of color and design. Check out this video to give you an idea on how it can be used on a bookcase: Using Washi Tape on a Bookshelf. Get creative here, the options with washi tape are endless.
  • Don’t forget about your curtains! Curtains are a perfect way to add vibrant hues, patterns, and personality to each room. Remember to hang them 3-6 inches from the ceiling and wider than your actual windows to make the most of your space. Curtains are another excellent way to create a statement or focal wall in your home.
  • DIY Idea: Pick a fabric, wallpaper, or design and frame it to hang! Make an ever larger impact by framing 2 or even 4 pieces and hanging them symmetrically. This is something you can easily change out whenever you feel like switching things up.

There are SO many ways to liven up your home with gorgeous pops of color. And by doing so, you’ll get yourself and your home ready for the warmer months ahead. It’s fun and refreshing to change things up, especially coming out of a winter that seems like it’s never going to end. Use these ideas as inspiration and get creative! The whole process should be fun and exciting!