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Making Friends in Your New Apartment Community

You’ve just moved into your new place – you have tons of unpacking to do, furniture to arrange, and a fridge to fill with groceries. Meeting your neighbors or getting involved in your community probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list.. But it 100% should be. Making friends of your neighbors is the best way to turn your new apartment complex into a community and home. You see these people everyday – passing them in the halls, riding the elevators with them – why not genuinely get to know them?

By making friends and socializing with your neighbors, you are creating a better living environment for yourself. You will feel an added level of security knowing that your neighbors have your back if anything were to come up ‘out of the norm’, and overall just feel more comfortable in your new living environment. Below are 3 foolproof ways to meet some of your neighbors here at Graystone Heights.

  1. Introduce yourself to the residents living on either side of you and directly across the way. Perhaps, bake up some delicious muffins for each of them and let them know you’re there if they ever need anything (added benefit: your apartment will smell ah-mazing!). You will see these neighbors the most so it is important to get on a first name basis with them.
  2. Graystone Heights has awesome community events every month, so be sure to check out a few of those. You can find the Community Events Calendar in the lobby outside of the Leasing Office and we always post event flyers. The last few events have been an absolute blast and we’re all looking forward to the Wine & Canvas night coming up at the end of this week! These are always a great turnout and a fabulous way to meet a lot of your neighbors.
  3. Take advantages of all of the amenities Graystone Heights has to offer – for instance, the gym makes for a great place to meet people… So does the pool and hottub room, dog park and theater room. Just be sure to introduce yourself right away to people and let them know you are new to the neighborhood. You might be surprised at how quickly you hit it off with someone.

By no means do you have to try and be best friends with everyone in your building. But why not head down to the next community potluck, offer to help someone bring their groceries up, or invite someone over for a glass of wine or cup of coffee? Community doesn’t just happen overnight. It is created by a series of small actions over time. And these small deposits of kindness (which really don’t take a whole lot of effort) will make you feel more at home than ever before.