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Apartment Living with Pets: The Basics

Dog Running

As pet parents, we know that apartment living can prove difficult at times. Seriously, we’ve all been there: 5am, negative 13 below, snowing, windy.. And your pet has to pee. Which means you have to put pants on, get dressed and brave that Sioux Falls weather like a champ. Which is WAY harder than it sounds.

But there are benefits to apartment living with your animal. First of all, puppy cuddles are the same no matter where you live… am i right?? Second, since you don’t have the option to just let your dog outside into your backyard whenever he’s acting naughty, your dog is more likely to be well behaved and trained. Which leads me to my third point, your dog gets to spend more time with his favorite person (you!) – being trained, going on walks every day, making trips to the park, etc.

We want your pet-owning experience to be as smooth as possible. Below are a few helpful tips to make living at Graystone Heights with your canine companion enjoyable for everyone.


Tip #1: Create a routine with your pup. Animals are smart and they will adapt to apartment living. Getting them on a schedule that is the same every day, will help them to know what to expect and eliminate any anxiety they may have about a smaller space.

Tip #2: Keep them busy. If you are gone for long periods of time during the day, try using a food-dispensing toy to keep them occupied and distracted from being alone. A lot of these toys offer different difficulty levels so you can find the right one to keep your dog engaged throughout the day (and the toy from being chewed to pieces!).

Tip #3: Be sure to tire them out. Best to do it in the morning so they are tired throughout the day, but at some point you need to get that animal outside or to a place they can burn off all of their energy. Take advantage of the warmer days here and there and our fenced in Community Dog Park. Hiring a dog walker or taking your dog to doggie day care may be necessary a few times a week.

Tip #4: Be courteous to your neighbors and try to keep them in mind. If you notice any unruly behavior like barking in the apartment or peeing in the hallways, try to curb it immediately. This place is home to many other people and we want to keep it enjoyable and nice for everyone.
A few more things to keep in mind:

  • Please do not tie your animals to your deck or patio area, this can be a hazard to your pet and people passing by.
  • Remember to take your pets to the designated bathroom areas. Please do not allow your pet to go right outside of the building entrances. (We know it’s cold out right now, but this will keep the property clean and a more enjoyable place to live for everyone.)
  • Take advantage of our dog park! It is a great fenced in area with plenty of space for your dog to run and there are doggy bags provided to help you clean up afterwards.

We love our animals here at Graystone Heights and hope you and your fur baby are settling into your home nicely. Let us know if you have any questions about pets in your apartment, we’re happy to help. And don’t forget – if you’re out and about and see Justin (our amazing maintenance man!), he’s got puppy treats hidden in his work wagon!!