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A Cozy Home for the Holiday Season

Apartments Sioux Falls, SD

Here at Graystone Heights, we’re all about getting into the holiday season – if you can’t tell, just take a wander through our resident halls… the halloween decorations on doors are SPOOKtacular!

So while we’re all enjoying pumpkin spice, that crisp fall air, the beautiful leaves that are continuously changing colors, and (of course!) football – why not bring that same cozy fall feeling into the home?! There are so many easy and affordable ways to cozy up the home for this holiday season. Check out our ideas below and try sprucing up your home! There’s something so magical about that cozy feeling.. We’re so excited to share these small tips with you!

  1. Scented Candles! Just pick your favorite fall scent – rich pumpkin pie, freshly picked apples, brown sugar chestnut.. The options are endless and they all serve the same purpose. You walk into a home that smells like this and it brings you straight back to past Thanksgivings, sitting in the kitchen while your grams bakes her famous apple pie. What’s more cozy than that?
  2. Speaking of apple pie, why not bake a real one? Or a pumpkin pie! Or pumpkin seeds! Or chocolate chip cookies! The oven will warm up your home and your home will smell like a baked good.
  3. Decorate with warm, fuzzy blankets and fall colored throw pillows. From there it will be almost too easy to cuddle up on the couch with hot cocoa and a Christmas movie. It’s not too early for Christmas movies, is it?!
  4. Carve out a reading nook. Fall is the perfect time to lose yourself for hours in a good book. It’s getting too cold to be outside for long periods of time, so why not get cozy inside with a favorite read?
  5. Warm your home with gold accents. Even though you can’t cuddle with gold accents, they have a way of warming up the home. Gold compliments fall colors, fuzzy blankets, candles – anything fall. It’s a great finishing touch to cozying up your home.

Decorating your home for fall is all about pleasing your senses. Make your home smell wonderful, create visuals that remind you of the autumn season, and add plenty of plush, fuzzy blankets to make you feel the cozy. Keep your senses in mind and everything else will fall into place.