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Self Care in the New Year

As we begin to ring in the new year, we start to think of ways we can better ourselves in the upcoming year.  It’s the time of year we make all of these New Year’s Resolutions and promises to ourselves about what we are going to do better in the next year.

‘We’re going to work out 5 times a week, we’re going to only eat salads for lunch, we’re going to save double what we saved last year’. All of these sound like great goals and and they probably are for some people. But for others, these goals are a huge challenge and pretty vague. They are the type of goal you hit hard and do really well at… Until the end of January hits and your burnt out.

A different idea for this year’s Resolution is to scale back and choose a goal that, if done correctly, could lead to accomplishing other goals down the road. Try making Self Care the ultimate goal for 2019.

This could mean a lot of different things for many different people but the main goal is to focus on your well being, health, happiness and personal development. You do this by doing whatever brings you joy or peace. For some it may be going for a hike, for others a long hot bubble bath, or reading a good book, working on your craft, going for an afternoon walk or run. Whatever fills your cup back up, focus on doing more of that for your NYE goal.

“You cannot pour from an empty cup, you must fill your cup first”. This is so important to remember heading into the new year. You cannot be your best self or show up for others in the best way possible if your cup is running low. You cannot handle stress or the hard things if you are being run ragged with no time left for you. Make yourself a priority. Give yourself at least one hour out of the day to do something that energizes you and leaves you feeling better than when you started.

If you can do this, you set yourself up to have energy to complete other goals you may have on your list. You set yourself up to be a better worker, friend, and parent. It all starts from within – you have to do you first. Don’t make your NYE goal so big that is becomes unattainable. Make prioritizing yourself the goal and you begin to find the motivation for all of your other goals.