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How to be a Considerate Roommate

Apartments Sioux Falls, SD

Living with roommates can be the best – late night chats with your bestie, someone always down for a Game of Thrones binge watch sesh when you are, and a permanent dinner date – just a few of the perks. Living with a friend or boyfriend can be the time in life you create some of your best memories… As long as both house mates are considerate and respectful of the other.

There are small things you can do, when living with someone else, that can help to create a peaceful and easy living environment. Trying to be respectful to your roommate can really make a huge impact on your relationship and allow the two of you to focus on what really matters – making memories and enjoying the time you get to have together. Read below for small ways to show the love to your roommate.

  1. Making dinner for yourself? Why not make a little extra and offer a plate to your roommate when they get in from a long day at the office? Food tends to be a quick way into a lot of people’s hearts.
  2. Next time you’re sweeping or mopping the living areas ask your roomie if they’d like you to get their room while you’re at it. Takes an extra two minutes tops, but the thought goes the distance.
  3. Make a pot of coffee big enough in the morning to share with them – and remind them to grab a cup before they leave in the morning. Knowing someone is thinking of you in the morning is a great way to start the day.
  4. Offer to take their dog for a walk next time you run out to check the mail… Or even if you aren’t running out to check the mail. You can’t just let a dog out into a back yard when you live in an apartment and giving the roomie a small break will not go unnoticed.
  5. Keep the tv, music and alarm noises to a minimum when the other is sleeping. Nothing’s worse than trying to hit the hay but you just can’t tune out the noise coming from the living room… Don’t make them ask – keep the volume low.
  6. Leave them sweet notes. Not seeing them for a day or so because of busy schedules? Leave them a note on the counter wishing them a good day or a note on their mirror telling them to have fun on their date. It’s a cute way to let the other know you are thinking of them.
  7. Know their favorite pack of gum or favorite bottle of wine? Surprise them with it occasionally, for no real reason. For a few extra bucks, your roomie will be grateful to you every time they pour a glass.

There are a million small ways to show your roommate you care about them and it’s always a special spot in someone’s day when they are on the receiving end of that. Occasionally doing things like this will help your relationship grow and turn the energy in the house to a positive one. Living with someone you love is an experience you should be taking full advantage of – enjoy every moment.