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Everyday Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Home Clean ALL the Time

Do you feel like keeping your home tidy is a constant battle? If you’re anything like me, the last thing you want to do when you get home from a long day at the office is clean that huge mess you accumulated from your weekend. What you REALLY want to do is kick your feet up with with a nice glass of wine and RELAX in your tidy, cute home.

Basically, we all want to keep our home comfy clean but with minimal effort. How do you do that, you ask? We’ve got answers for you! Read our cleaning hacks below and a messy house will turn into a thing of the past!

  1. First things first! Make your bed every morning. This only takes about 30 seconds and your room will be that much cleaner when you get home. Not to mention, this sets a great tone for the rest of your day – you accomplished a task before you even left the house for work!
  2. Make sure everything has an assigned place. Cleaning tends to be much easier when you know right where to put things when you’re finished using them. This also helps you to stay more organized and less time searching frantically for your car keys 3 minutes before you are supposed to leave the house.’
  3. Clean as you go. This sounds a lot worse than it actually is. If you are in the bathroom and notice the sink is a little dirty – give it a quick wipe down. If you are in walking past the fridge and notice it’s smudged in a few places – windex it down real quick. These things take about 10 seconds to do and yet make a very noticeable difference.
  4. Do your dishes right away. Don’t let them pile up in the sink and turn into a huge evening project. Give them a quick rinse and toss them in the dishwasher as you use them. Simple as that.
  5. Do a 10 minute pick up every night. At some point in your evening, spend 10 minutes either wiping down counters, hanging up clothes that have somehow ended up on your floor, sweep the kitchen and/or throw in a load of laundry. If you get into a consistent habit with this – your home will always be clean.

Keeping your home clean can be a very easy thing to do – it’s when you let all the cleaning pile up that it turns into a headache that you keep putting off until the next day and then the next day. You shouldn’t have to work when you get home from work – so keep it clean as you go! And then sit back with that glass of wine.. And flip on some netflix.