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Decorating with a Ladder

Apartments Sioux Falls, SD

Decorating with a Ladder

The ladder seems to be one of the cutest decorating trends we’ve seen lately and what’s better is the piece is completely functional! The rustic ladder is a subtle piece of furniture that seems to be picking up traction in the world of home décor and we could not be more excited about it. It’s a relatively cheap addition o the home and there are so many ways to style it. Read on for ideas on how to style the piece… just try to get through the complete article before jumping on Amazon and buying the cutest one you can find, we dare you.

1. Cozy Up the Living Room

Every living room needs a few throw blankets. Nothing makes you feel more at home than snuggling up after a long day on the couch with one. But where to keep those blankets when no one is using them? Find a small area along the wall to lean the ladder up against (somewhere near the couch is most ideal). Then fold the blankets up and hang them neatly over the rungs of the ladder. This will create a warm and inviting feel to the space while keeping your blankets nice and organized.

2. Use in an Office Space or Bedroom

If you can find a ladder with flat rungs, the ladder becomes completely functional as a shelf or book shelf. If the rungs are wide enough, you can use the ladder to shelve picture frames, small plants, or books. The ladder is such a great shelfing option because you can move it anywhere you like and you don’t have to damage the walls with nails or screws to lock it down. You just lean it against the wall!

3. Tidy Up the Bathroom Space

I’ve found the ladder to be the most useful in the bathroom space. It’s a great addition to keep your towels, beauty products or a few décor pieces to spruce of the room. It’s especially handy if you have limited storage room for necessary toiletries.

The ladder is such a great alternative to the traditional book shelf or shelving that damages walls in your rental. With a little creativity, you can give a second life to an old ladder and use it in almost any space in your home. Not to mention, if you look in the right place – you can find one that is extremely budget friendly. Heck, if you are feeling creative enough, you can just make your own. Give it a shot and let us know what you think!